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Management Consultancy

Greystone Capital Advisors, LLC provides a combination of investment banking, private equity, and management consulting services, including buy-side and sell-side M&A advisory, strategic finance, and management consulting services to non-profits, municipal entities, and private firms. In this function, we act as management and operational advisors, to identify areas of opportunity within a client's business, either internally or externally, then work with our client to develop and execute a strategic plan. These services are focused on helping our clients to find and capture the maximum value within their business.


Greystone's Management Consultancy services include the following:

  • Conduct detailed project initialization, including clear communication of key goals and objectives and buy-in from critical internal stakeholders.
  • Perform comprehensive review of the client's business history to explore and learn where successes and failures have occurred and what has driven each.
  • Discuss the present state of the existing business models with executive management teams and agree on current business realities as the organization enters the strategic planning process.
  • Facilitate an open-dialogue among executive management teams and critical internal stakeholders to capture a panoramic view of the organization's future from an internal perspective.
  • Review potential strategic alternatives and conduct thorough market research to validate underlying assumptions and identify additional opportunities.
  • Present an overview of strategic alternatives to executive management team.
  • Research and model financial implications of each strategic alternative.
  • Prepare draft of strategic plan and review with executive management team.
  • Finalize a strategic plan and draft a corresponding business plan to be used as a management tool in executing the strategy.
  • Assist with ongoing implementation and execution as needed.