Edward Yongo Pittsburgh

Mergers & Acquisitions

Greystone Capital Advisors, LLC provides a combination of investment banking, private equity, and management consulting services, including buy-side and sell-side M&A advisory, strategic finance, and management consulting services to non-profits, municipal entities, and private firms. In this function, our primary responsibility is to provide financial consulting and insight to ensure that our client's transaction is prudently structured and executed. These services include helping our clients with divestitures or with identifying and soliciting the acquisition of a strategic target.


Our M&A Advisory services include the following:

  • • Review organizational strategy, including existing market positions and potential growth opportunities.
  • • Assess the client's existing business, including research of market and competitive forces to validate or establish strategy.
  • • Review financial data and develop financial models to assist in assessing alternatives, testing the validity of assumptions and running sensitivity analyses.
  • • Conduct a thorough search of relevant market participants (either buyers, sellers, or JV partners) to establish the target universe.
  • Develop an analytical framework and preliminary valuation model for the purpose of negotiating price and other critical terms.
  • Draft communications, including Confidential Descriptive Memorandum, non-confidential overview, solicitation letters, and management presentations, as necessary, to communicate with the individual firms in the target universe.
  • Conduct all communication with third party targets, necessary to assess interest and negotiate terms in a potential transaction.
  • Provide guidance and insight regarding the structure of a proposed transaction, and conduct sensitivity analysis to assess the implications of changes to various terms.
  • Coordinate with client and professionals, including attorneys, consultants, engineers, accountants and others in order to pursue, propose and/or consummate a transaction.
  • Provide post-closing and integration assistance as needed.